Analysis of setting in Neil Gaiman`s story How to talk to girls at parties

Everyone will agree that the Punk subculture is no longer alive in a matrix of western culture. But then again, it is pretty clear that Punk weaves the background of the cultural tapestry of all generations after 1970. Its impact on music, fashion, literature, art, and all aspects of modern lifestyle can not be exaggerated. In western society, all generations born after 1970 are consciously or unconsciously aware of its ever-present call for evaluation and challenging the norms of the society whenever there is a need for rebellion or authenticity. Neil Gaiman`s story is just one of many examples. That`s the story in the West. But the East side of the story is a bit different. When thinking and analyzing Neil Gaiman`s story with students in China, the setting of the story prompts research into the Punk culture, and not just as a part of Gaiman`s story, but as an evident need to introduce this part of western cultural history which is unknown to Chinese students. Here are some examples of their findings…\