Written communication in the post-literate age

 – First online Socratic Seminar –

Kombinat, in collaboration with Savremena Gimnazija, Shenzhen Maple Leaf International Academy, 4. Beogradska Gimnazija, and Xuzhou Puxue School, organized the inaugural online international seminar on the topic of Written Communication in the Post-Literate Age. It was a remarkable event, providing an enriching experience for students from different schools.

We were privileged to have ALEKSANDAR STEVIC, an esteemed assistant professor of English literature at the Lingnan University of Hong Kong, as our distinguished guest speaker. Professor Stevic shared his valuable insights and expertise on the topic, captivating the audience with his knowledge and engaging delivery.

The majority of participants in the seminar were the winners in various categories of Kombinat's international literary competition, which took place in October 2022 and April 2022. Their active participation and thoughtful questions demonstrated their enthusiasm for exploring the intricacies of written communication in the modern era.

This online event not only served as a platform for intellectual exchange but also paved the way for stronger ties between schools in Serbia and China. The participants unanimously expressed their desire for similar events to become a regular practice, promoting intercultural dialogue and fostering educational collaboration.

The seminar showcases the commitment of Kombinat and its partner schools to providing students with unique opportunities for growth and learning. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Professor Aleksandar Stevic for his invaluable contribution, as well as to all the participants and organizers who made this event a resounding triumph.