Warm umbrella

“Warm” umbrella by Han Yutong (age 15)
coordinator for Weifang Gaoxin Jinma School: Phoebe Chen Jinglin
school: Weifang Gaoxin Jinma School
Weifang, China

“Warm” umbrella

If the world is a cabin, love is a window in the cabin; if the world is a ship, then love is a light on the vast sea. Being loved by others is excellent enjoyment and caring for others is a noble and beautiful morality.

It was the summer of 2015. My mother and I went out to play. When I was ready to go back, unexpectedly, it rained cats and dogs. We hid in a shop on the roadside to take shelter from the rain in a hurry. The rain kept pouring down without any intention of stopping. Watching the unstoppable rain, we were more and more anxious.

When we were in a hurry, an uncle in the shop came up to us, holding an umbrella in his hand, and said, “Use the umbrella. Don't get wet.” I said, ” How can you go home since the umbrella is given to us?” “It's all right. My home is close. You ride a bike, and your home must be a long way. Use it, and I'll run home.” The uncle smiled and said quickly. “How can I return your umbrella?” I then asked. “Return the umbrella here again when you've run out. It doesn't matter if you don't return it.” Uncle replied.

In our thanks, my uncle ran home in the rain, and my mother and I rode home by bike. Later, we returned the umbrella, but I did not see him. Every time I pass by this shop, I will see if this uncle is there. Unfortunately, I never saw him again.

Love is caring and caring. It is everywhere around us. All of us need love, and we can't live without love. Others give us love, and we can't live without our love for others. We should care and love others so that the world will be filled with love!

Han Yutong