Spooktacular Chills & Thrills by Lucy

For as long as people have been on this Earth, they`ve been telling stories to one another. And as long as they`ve been telling stories, they wanted their audience (that`s you – the reader!) to understand what they told them and love their stories! To achieve this, the writer should master a trick or two; clarity, persuasive techniques, and suspense and tension mixed with imagination are usually the right recipe. When it comes to comics, the story will take the form of images in a sequence, which means that the comic writer must make many choices regarding imagery, pacing, dialogue, composition, gesture, and so on.

Lucy Lin Renshi is a talented comic writer and artist from Maple Leaf International Academy. Her artwork is all around the school, but we decided to introduce her comics this time. Enjoy her spooktacular artwork!!!!

by Mirjana Petrovic-Filipovic