Poetry of Spaces by Ethan

Exciting New Resources for ESL English Lessons  (Grades 1-4) in Collaboration with Ethan!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new resources for ESL English lessons in Grades 1 to 4! This exciting collection of materials has been developed based on a delightful short poem written by Ethan, a Grade 2 student. It is a testament to the incredible effort and dedication that students put into their English language learning journey. We recognized the outstanding work of this student and decided to transform their poem into a valuable teaching resource for our ESL classrooms.

Engaging PowerPoint Presentation:

To kick-start the learning adventure, we have created a dynamic PowerPoint presentation that brings the poem to life. The visually appealing slides captivate the students’ attention while introducing key vocabulary and language structures. The interactive elements of the presentation encourage active participation and reinforce learning in a fun and engaging way.

Printable Resources:

But that's not all! In addition to the PowerPoint, we have developed a range of printable resources that complement the lesson. These resources include colorful worksheets designed to reinforce language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The variety of activities ensures that every student can actively participate and progress at their own pace.

Promoting Creativity and Critical Thinking:

Our new resources go beyond mere language acquisition. They encourage creativity and critical thinking skills among our young learners. Students are prompted to explore the themes and ideas presented in the poem, express their thoughts, and even create their own mini-compositions inspired by the original work. This not only enhances their language abilities but also fosters their imagination and confidence as budding writers.

Collaboration and Sharing:

We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing among educators. That's why we have made these new resources available to our dedicated teachers. They can adapt and customize the materials to suit the unique needs and interests of their students. By encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas, we aim to create a supportive community that fosters continuous improvement in ESL teaching.

With our new resources, ESL English lessons for Grades 1 to 4 are set to become even more engaging, inspiring, and effective. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our students and recognize their incredible potential. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of language learning, creativity, and growth. Stay tuned for more innovative resources and let's make every lesson a remarkable experience for our ESL students!

Happy teaching!


For resources, contact us: office@kombinat.org.rs