Is Philosophy offstage?

History is boring? Philosophy? God forbids!!!! Storytelling is agonizing! You can’t bear to write one more page? And Socrates is off…

There you are wrong, my friend! All our lives are intertwined stories. Extraordinary stories. Full of sound and fury! Full of love and laughter! Full of deepest thoughts and silly words! What you need to do is to find a way to tell your story…

The N.E.W. group is made of Nakedra Pan Zimo, Evian Wang Yingrui, and Wendy Zhou Shiyuan from Maple Leaf International Academy. They decided to tell us a story of success & Socrates. But in order to make it more alive, they changed a story into a playscript and adapted it for a stage.

Check out their playscript made out of their story, and be ready to see this acted out quite soon!

Script Outline







The Secret to Success

Cast list:

Socrates: Evian   

Young man: Nakedra

Narrator: Wendy

Scene 1

Lights up. The Narrator stands downstage, and Socrates and the young man stand on stage. Socrates is reading a letter from the young man.

Narrator: Once upon a time, a young man wrote a letter to Socrates and asked him about the secret to success; Socrates told the young man to meet him near the river the next morning.

Lights down. The narrator goes downstage, the young man stays on the stage, and Socrates goes off stage.

Scene 2

Lights up. The next morning. Socrates goes stage right.

Socrates: (Walks along the river and sees the young man) Oh, you are finally here. Would you like to walk with me toward the river? We could talk about the secret to success.

Socrates pours a bottle of water into a washbasin.

Young man: (excited) Sure! My pleasure, sir!

Narrator:  When the water gets up to their neck, Socrates takes the young man by surprise and ducks him into the water. The boy struggles to get out, but Socrates is strong and keeps him there until the boy starts turning blue.

Socrates: (pulled young man's head out of the water) What did you want the most when you were there?

Young man:(gasp and take a deep breath of air)  Air.

Socrates: That is the secret to success. When you start wanting success as badly as you wanted the air, you will get it!

Socrates goes to the center stage; the young man goes the stage left.

A chasing light hits the spot where Socrates is standing.

Socrates:(takes out Evian mineral water, excited) The secret to success- Evian mineral water!

Chase light on the young man.

Young man: (shocked face) Hum?

Lights off, all the characters offstage