Peace – Original Poem
Brown Huang (age 17)
coordinator for Wuhan Maple Leaf International School: Esmeralda Meyer
school: Maple Leaf International School
Wuhan, China

I want to be a soldier in the future,

To keep the peace,

Let people stop the fire and know that peace is hard-won

Because people die in wars every day

We need to be kind to others.

I want to be a publicist in the future,

To propagate peace and stop discrimination,

Let people realize peace is important

Because we are family

We should respect and help each other

I want to be a singer in the future,

To sing peace to the world

Let people sing peace together and protecting the thing that we love

Because we live on the same planet and we have to maintain peace

For world peace, we should cherish this hard-won peace.

I want to be a teacher in the future,

To teach my students to preserve peace and cherish peace

Let my students carry forward the spirit of peace and stop prejudice 

For world peace, we should appeal to more people to protect the earth

I want to be a statesman in the future,

To enact more and more laws which will build a more peaceful world

Let people obey these laws and build a Community with a Shared Future to contribute their own strength

People make sacrifices for peace every day

So let us propagate peace and cherish the hard-won peace.