New Year – New Clothes

by Jessiy Gao (age 15)
coordinator for Weifang Gaoxin Jinma School: Phoebe Chen Jinglin
school: Weifang Gaoxin Jinma School
Weifang, China

“Wear new clothes for the New Year” is an old saying and a custom for the Spring Festival. So let me tell you about my puppy and her new clothes!

The Spring Festival was coming! There were songs and lanterns everywhere. My parents and I went to the shopping mall to buy new clothes. Walking out in brand new things, I suddenly saw a pet shop saying, “New pet clothes.” An idea came into my mind……

“Mum, don’t you think we should buy Lucy new clothes for the Spring Festival?”

“Let’s have a look.”

I came in, beaming with success. But when I saw all those different sizes of clothes, I froze. I didn’t know Lucy`s size! How stupid was I! Ultimately, I had to go home with nothing but a heart full of guilt?

“Why do you look so sad, honey?” Grandma asked.

I told her everything.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier, silly you! I promise I`ll sew her new clothes much better than those you saw in a store!”

I jumped and hugged her tightly, “Thank you, Grandma! Thank you! Lucy, you are going to have a new dress!”

After several days of careful sewing, the pet`s dress was done. I can’t tell you how great the clothes were and how cute Lucy was in them because I cannot put that in words. There was only one problem: Lucy couldn’t move in the clothes. Maybe the clothes weren’t fit. Perhaps she hadn’t adapted yet. She looked like a turtle with all four feet in the sky! We all laughed.

After dinner, Dad took out his camera and said excitedly, “Do you want to take a photo with Lucy? It will be very memorable.”

It was the most precious gift. Ever!